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What does the Bible say about money?

In the first of our two-part ‘Money Talks’ series, Ed Marsh looks at what the Bible says about money.

  • Is money bad?

  • Do you have to be poor to be a Christian?

  • Are rich people happier?

  • Are “money worries” unavoidable in modern life?

In this talk, Ed discusses what the Bible says about money and explains how we can create a financial 'breathing space' by following Godly principles for money.

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Interested in a FREE course on how to manage your money?

As Ed mentions in the talk, we’re running a CAP Money Course here at Highgrove Church in May and would love you to join us! Over three evening sessions, we will be exploring how to budget, save and spend sustainably and with contentment! The course is completely FREE to attend. Further details and registration details can be found on our CAP Money course page.