First Things First

Getting our priorities straight in the New Year

Based on Matthew 6

The start of the year is a good time to step back and assess how we’re investing our energy, time and money. What does the bible have to say about each of these things? And is what we say is important to us actually reflected in the reality of our day to day lives?


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In the lead up to Christmas, we look together at how Jesus fulfils the Old Testament story.



For many people the Old Testament is literally a closed book. Yet for Jesus himself, and the early Church, it was their scripture. Jesus quotes the Old Testament often, as do Paul and the other New testament writers. Yet for may of us today there seems to be a disconnect between ‘the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ’ and the requirements of God as he appears in the Old Testament. How should we read this book?

God habits


The letter of John is a letter written by an elder statesman in the Church, (probably the apostle John) encouraging his flock in the face of many difficulties to hold on to things of first importance. The things John teaches have become his habit and practice through long usage. They are habits and disciplines that are transformational if we can acquire them. They form a secret history with practical outworkings.

How to respond in times of crisis?


The world is a turbulent place. International tensions, inequalities globally and at home, lack of trust in government and institutions all generate fear and anxiety. The prophet Jeremiah lived through a time of immense crisis in the nation of Judah. His prophetic messages both gave strong challenges but also guidance and comfort to the people of his day. What can we learn from him about being a prophetic people to our nation today? Over the month four prophetic pictures give us insight into God’s word being delivered through someone very human.

Stories of the Kingdom

There’s a Kingdom beyond the land we can see, that is alive and active in the world today. A powerful Kingdom full of great riches where all are invited in.

Join us for our series, Stories of the Kingdom, and embark on an adventure to search for this Kingdom.

Whose is it anyway?

The Bible has a lot to say about good stewardship. Why is getting to grips with this topic fundamental to discipleship and a life of faith? What does God have to say about ownership, responsibility, accountability and reward?



How can we have confidence in a fragile world? Who should we place our confidence in?

Fruitfulness on the frontline

Everyone has a frontline, a place where the nature of the Kingdom of God and our citizenship of that Kingdom is challenged and critiqued by other powers or values. Usually that place is not the Church but our neighbourhood, place of work, even our home or our leisure activity. Frontline is by default a place of witness, ministry and challenge. How do we identify what our frontline is? What has the gospel to say about how we work out our earthly citizenship? How do the places where we go away from our Christian fellowship challenge our faith or call out good things from us?

Easter 2017

On earth as in heaven



Christmas 2016

Heroes of faith

Culture of faith

Great Expectations

Transformed Life

Wider Witness

Overcoming Obstacles